www.vibinst.org        National Chapter of the Vibration Institute
www.vibration.org   Piedmont Chapter of the Vibration Institute
www.equipment-reliability.com    Equipment Reliability Institute
www.ctconline.com/cnyvi    Central New York Chapter
www.vibrotek.com/vi      Colorado Chapter
www.industrial.com     Indiana Chapter
www.nfvibinst.org     Niagara Frontier Chapter
www.geotronics.com/nocvi    Northern Ohio Chapter
www.reli.net/umwcvi     Upper Midwest Chapter
www.icubed.com/~ras    Western Pennsylvania Chapter
www.machinediagnostics.com   Your partners in proactive machinery maintenance
www.vtekassociates.com  Provides Machine Trainers and represents manufacturers of                                               Machine Diagnostic Instruments, Sensors and Services.
www.accompressor.com    A-C Compressor, Conmec, and Preco are all part of                                                         Dover Corporation and offer turnkey, turbomachinery                                                         capabilities.
www.adhesiveservices.com Adhesive Services Company, founded in 1975, specializes                                                in foundation repair, grouting, and regrouting of heavy                                                        industrial machinery and unique concrete restoration                                                        projects.
www.engdyn.com   EDI provides engineering consulting services for solving and                                              preventing vibration, pulsation, and failure problems in rotating and                                     reciprocating machinery, piping, and structures. 
www.flowserve.com   The Rotating Equipment Division (RED) of Flowserve Corp.                                                offers a complete range of machine evaluation services including                                        vibration and noise analysis, dynamic balancing, machine                                                 alignment, predictive maintenance programs, and performing                                             testing on pumps.
www.foster-miller.com   Foster-Miller Technologies, Inc., provides contract                                                           engineering and technology development services and                                                      manufactures products for the biomedical, test and                                                           measurement, and defense/aerospace markets. 
 www.pcb.com   IMI manufactures a complete line of industrial piezoelectric vibration                                  sensors.  
www.vibrametrics.com Vibra-Metrics builds accelerometers and vibration monitoring                                             systems to improve the gathering of data for analysis.  
www.wilcoxon.com    Wilcoxon Research has been manufacturing a wide range of                                             vibration instrumentation equipment for 40 years.  
www.compsys.com/home.nsf   Computational Systems Inc
www.skfcm.com   SKF Condition MonitoringDLI Engineering:  
www.dliengineering.com DLI Engineering:  Vibration Analysis
www.predictusa.com Predict:  Oil / Wear Particle Analysis